My name is Yotam Monjack and I was born and raised in Israel. I moved to the USA in 2008, at the age of 21. There were many reasons I moved here, but one of the biggest reasons was my desire to get a degree. I chose The Art Institute of Colorado because of the intimate and personal attention each student receives from the instructors. Being a foreigner, I started out my studies with some concerns and I was worried about the difficulty of learning with English as my second language. However, I reminded myself that design has a universal language of its own, through which I would be able to express my true self. I knew my design skills would improve with time, and each quarter I saw these improvements through my work, feedback from instructors, and my grades. I soon became a leading student in the design department, which gave me the motivation to work above and beyond the requirements of my assignments, and continually present my ideas in a unique way.

For me, design is a dialogue between aesthetic and functionality. Every product, graphical sign, or architectural form must serve a particular purpose. The mission of a design should take center stage. By combining interesting materials, color, composition, and form, the designer is able to express the desire to master his/her thoughts and feelings in a unique way.

I see myself as a successful designer in the future, utilizing my ability to speak a universal language. That is the only way I have no fear and concerns. On the contrary, I feel most confident and full of excitement in every new challenge and project. My hope with design is to solve problems and bring a more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing way of life for people. I don’t know what area of design I will and up doing, but I am excited and I know that I’ll always continue learning and trying to make life more efficient and more beautiful every day, while searching for the right balance between aesthetic and function.