7 Things That I Can’t Design Without


  1. Sketch book: This book is my way to express my thoughts and visions. It goes with me everywhere I go. It lies next to my bed when I sleep. If I have an idea in the middle of the night, the only way I won’t forget it, or the only way I can stop thinking about it, is to sketch the concept down quickly and write some words next to it.
  2. Tools: My pencils and pen are my personal assistants. Instead of explanation in words, I describe my design with lines and shadows.
  3. Laptop/Computer: My software, Adobe Suite, allows me to create and change my design very quickly. Unlike sketching, the computer gives me the ability to see multiple designs at the same time.
  4. Inspiration: Part of creating new designs, is to do research on what has been done already. Innovation and your touch is what makes it different from the past. Search the Web look at some books/ magazines to have some inspiration for style.
  5. Professionals Mentors: Two brains are better than one. Discuss with friends, coworkers and professionals in your field for other point of view on your process. It’s amazing to see how a project can develop from A and end-up on Z.
  6. Environment: I prefer to work out of a coffee shop or public spaces. The energy around me keeps me active and helps me focus on my project, compared to if I was working at home.
  7. Give yourself a break: If you are working on a project, and feel you’re stuck, but don’t know how to continue, step back. Go for a walk, workout, meditate. Let your mind a rest and come back to it with a fresh thought.


Much love!                                                                                                                                        1.28.2017

Yotam Monjack